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The use of Agent Orange in Vietnam was, by any measure, one of the great crimes of the twentieth century. In village after village, I have seen the result: young people born with terrible deformities. Go into the main hospital in Saigon and see the malformed babies still being born. This poison will run through the water and agriculture of Vietnam for multiple lifetimes. I endorse this important campaign for justice. Nothing is more needed and more urgent.


I am very pleased to support the Agent Orange Justice Campaign.

The end of the Vietnam War in 1975 was a time of great celebration. But there is a legacy of that war that continues to bring pain and suffering to many Vietnamese citizens and some residents in parts of Cambodia and Laos. It is time that the ongoing problems associated with the use of Agent Orange, a deadly chemical used by the US military as part of their war operations, are addressed.

In the 1960s and 1970s those of us involved in the campaign to end the Vietnam War warned against this brutal chemical warfare. For decades Vietnamese have suffered physical and psychological harm and hardship from the loss of farming land and destruction of local ecosystems.

Now is the time for justice.


SEARCH Foundation strongly supports the need for the Australian, US and other governments to address and compensate for the damage caused by the use of Agent Orange and other toxic chemicals during the Viet Nam War, in particular the ongoing health impacts in the Vietnamese population over several generations, and among the Vietnam Veterans who have also been living with these impacts for the last 40 years. The SEARCH Foundation is joining Agent Orange Justice to support the international campaign to achieve this, and to continue our solidarity with the Vietnamese people.


We the members of the Retired MUA Sydney Branch support the Agent Orange Justice – Australia-Vietnam Solidarity Network in getting justice for the people of Vietnam against the damage that Agent Orange did to the people of that country and demand that full compensation be paid to the sufferers of that rotten chemical Agent Orange which was dumped on the land of Vietnam by the United States of America. We also demand that it offers the help needed to clean up the toxic mess inflicted upon the Vietnamese environment.

Bill Highfield, Secretary
Russ Gow, President
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