Agent Orange An Enduring Crime

The use of Agent Orange in Vietnam was, by any measure, one of the great crimes of the twentieth century. In village after village, I have seen the result: young people born with terrible deformities. Go into the main hospital in Saigon and see the malformed babies still being born. This poison will run through the water and agriculture of Vietnam for multiple lifetimes. I endorse this important campaign for justice. Nothing is more needed and more urgent. (John Pilger)

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  • Lighter Than Orange - The Documentary
Agent Orange Justice was thrilled to be able to present to Joe Edwards a donation of $2000 on Saturday 24 October 2015. In 2013 Joe Edwards volunteered at the Hai Duong Blind School in Vientam, a project supported by the German NGO Stars of Vietnam. The school helps children with birth defects resulting from the Vietnam War, in particular the use of the deadly herbicide Agent Orange. Joe was moved by the poor conditions of the school and the courage shown by the children and began planning a journey that would raise funds to fix the school. In July...Read More →
AGENT ORANGE AGENT BLUE’ BENEFIT CONCERT Opening the concert will be the Solidarity Choir (anti-war and international solidarity songs) and Ecopella (original songs on ecological themes). DOWNLOAD FLYERRead More →
The Denis Kevans Memorial PEACE CONCERT for Victims of Chemical Warfare during the Australian Vietnam War (1961-1975). Forty years on from the end of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War over three million victims of the chemical defoliant 245-T or “Agent Orange” are still suffering both in Vietnam and Australia. Many of the victims, four generations on, have genetic birth defects likeRead More →
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